Musashino Kikai Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Company”) , recognizing the importance of your personal information, in compliance with such laws and regulations for the protection of personal information, will endeavor to protect personal information and handle the information properly. If the private policy need to be corrected, Company will revise accordingly.

Acquisition of personal information

Company may acquire the personal information for such as proposal to customer: it is only for the purpose of use and within its scope and it is done in a proper and fair way. With regard to handling the information Company follows the compliance of the relevant laws and regulations and Company takes appropriate measures.

Management of personal information

Company takes the necessary measures for prevention from unauthorized access, the data loss, the data destruction, data manipulation and the disclosure of personal information and Company will endeavor to manage personal information, will endeavor to the management of personal information.
Company does not provide the personal information obtained from you to any third party in principle. Company may provide personal information to relevant entities that are otherwise specified without customer consent in following cases.

  • For disclosure and sharing of personal information, if there is consent of the customer himself
  • If Company is asked for the formal information reference based of law from the public institutes (such as the court, police etc.)
  • If there is an emergency need due to danger of human life, person and property
  • If there is need to protect Company right, property and service.

Use of personal information

Company will use the obtained personal information for the purposes of the following.

  • To inform the product that we can propose to you
  • To develop new products
  • To answer for customer inquiries
  • For events and other guidance
  • For the web site improvement

Inquiries regarding personal information

If Company has been asked to disclose, modify or delete personal information to manage, after confirming that it is the customer himself, Company will response properly.